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Bodywork Repair & Rusts Treatment

Action Can Supertrol 001 Anti Rust Fluid, Corrosion Protection 500ml Aerosol

Action Can Supertrol 001 Anti Rust Fluid, Corrosion Protection 500ml Aerosol

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Action Can Supertrol 001 Anti Rust Fluid 500ml. Aerosol

  • Excellent penetrating capability
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Dries to a soft film
  • Clear film
  • Corrosion protection
1000 + 1 uses for automotive, industrial, marine and agricultural applications. Supertrol 001 is a penetrating rust proofing fluid, which prevents rust and does not contain silicone. Supertrol 001 stops internal rust and offers a protective coating that stays flexible and is compatible with existing vehicle protection waxes. Supertrol is ideal for corrosion protection of steel components in storage or in transit. A single application of the product by spray or brush will give corrosion protection to metal. Always ensure that metal parts are clean and dry. Spray the component and let dry before handling. The duration of effective corrosion protection will vary with atmospheric and storage conditions, reapplication will extend the protective period. Regular inspection of the treated surface is advised. Supertrol can be removed with normal industrial solvent products. Supertrol is a corrosion preventive material. It is intended primarily to inhibit corrosion in motor vehicle box sections, sill panels, door frames etc., It is suitable for farm equipment and industrial steelwork where a temporary/easily removed coating is required. Supertrol dries to a soft film water repellent coating which resists cracking. Supertrol is vibration resistant and is therefore suitable for commercial vehicles and equipment.

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