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Coopers Fiaam Filters

Coopers Fiaam Filters

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Coopers Fiaam Filters

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Oil Filters

One essential condition required for an internal combustion engine to operate properly is to constantly lubricate the moving parts of the engine with oils maintained at the necessary level of cleanliness so as to prevent any premature wear. The oil filter provides continuous purification of the oil, by retaining abrasive particles which are caused by normal wear and tear, and also dust and combustion residues. Oil filters can be designed as 'spin-on filter' or as 'filter-cartridge' in housing. A spin-on filter is replaced completely after its useful life whereas in the other version only the cartridge needs to be replaced in the housing.

By using the latest OE technologies, COOPERSFIAAM offers its aftermarket clients the highest performance filters. In addition, thanks to constant value analysis, COOPERSFIAAM is able to produce increasingly compact and lightweight filters thereby reducing the amount of recycling which helps to protect the environment.
As an automotive filtration leader, COOPERSFIAAM plays an active part in the ISO standardization committees and has greatly contributed to establishing new modern test methods that are accurate and reliable. In particular, filter efficiency as a function of particle size can be evaluated.

COOPERSFIAAM is offering to the most demanding aftermarket customers an extensive oil filter range, constantly updated following the market demand.

Air Filters

The air filter could be compared to the automobile’s lungs. It is designed to eliminate the dust contained in the ambient air taken in by the engine. Depending on their capacity, engines at full load can take in between 200 and 500m³ of air per hour. This air contains a varying amount of impurities depending on the country, the weather conditions, the road surface, etc. If this dust is not filtered, it will cause premature wear of the engine.

To ensure a high level of filter performance and quality, COOPERSFIAAM has the essential high performance industrialization know-how.

COOPERSFIAAM recommends replacement of the air filter at least once per year, preferably at the same time as the oil filter, because a regular replacement of the air filter ensures:

  • Maintenance of vehicle performance and fuel economy
  • Optimum engine output
  • A better protected and less environmentally polluting engine (and consequently an acceptable level of exhaust emissions for anti-pollution regulations

The COOPERSFIAAM comprehensive range of quality air filters covers virtually all the vehicles on the road today and tomorrow.

Diesel Filters

he purpose of a diesel filter is to protect the injection system on diesel vehicles. Diesel filters eliminate impurities present in the fuel in various ways:

  • Contamination during production, transport, stocking, repairs, etc.
  • Particles entering via the fuel tank ventilation system.
  • Contamination by dirt and oxidation in the fuel tanks or pipes.
  • Condense water in the fuel tank, due to changes in the temperature

These contaminants can plug the injection systems causing engine malfunction and deterioration.
Diesel filters modules also fulfil other functions meeting the specific requirements of each application: fuel heating, pressure regulation, priming, water level detection, etc...

OGEFI develops its products in partnership with the major automobile manufacturers. Its expertise in the field of diesel fuel filtration covers conventional injection systems (distributor pump) as well as the most demanding common rail systems. Through the use of advanced pleating technology and the constant improvement of the filter media used, COOPERSFIAAM provides patented solutions tailored to increasing demands and to longer filter replacement intervals, while maintaining a minimal filter volume.

COOPERSFIAAM is offering the most complete range of Diesel filters, cartridge, spin on and complete modules in the Aftermarket.

Petrol Filters

he petrol filter protects the engine supply system, by eliminating any impurities from the fuel. Filtered fuels thus help to increase engine performance and service life.
Located any wear in the fuel system between the fuel pump and the injectors, the petrol filter screens out any particles larger than 8 micrometres. In an electronic fuel injection system, the petrol filter must bear a pressure of six bars and have a filtration threshold of 3 to 5 micrometres.

Operational requirements related to the periodic replacement of the filter have been covered by COOPERSFIAAM with lines capable of accommodating “quick” connections so that the filter can be removed without tools and with maximum reliability. To ensure a high level of filter performance and quality, COOPERSFIAAM uses fully-automatic high performance assembly facility. Each part is individually tested so that it meets the safety requirements for the product.

The complete range of COOPERSFIAAM petrol filters is ready for the newly approved Biofuels.

Cabin Air Filters

Because of the considerable increase of global traffic and the inevitable worsening of pollution levels, we are exposed to the attack of many pollutants that enter the vehicle interiors through the ventilation or air conditioning ducts. Extended exposure to high pollution is disagreeable and can even have a serious effect on the health of the occupants in the car.
With time, micro-organisms accumulate in the cabin, creating a hazard for the health and safety of passengers.
Multiplication of bacteria inside the vehicle (potential concentrations between 5 to 8 times higher than normal), leads to irritated mucous membranes, watering of the eyes, head aches, nausea, allergic reactions...
Inhibiting the flow of fresh air leading to poor de-icing, fogging of windows, passengers feeling tired faster.

The function of the cabin filter is essential to the comfort and health of the driver and passengers. The "stop-pollen" effect screens out even the smallest allergenic particles likely to enter the lungs and which may often lead to asthma or allergies.
Really small particles are not always stopped by the mucus of the upper respiratory tract or the nasal hairs.

Furthermore, the cabin air filter with activated carbon stops all particles and also odours. The filtering medium used consists of three layers: an active carbon layer placed between two layers of nonwoven fibres. A ‘combi filter’ (which filters out both particles and gases) reduces the concentration of noxious and odorous gases likely to provoke head aches and coughing.

COOPERSFIAAM offers a complete range of Cabin Air Filters, proposing technology that is the best adapted to each type of vehicle (pollen or activated carbon filter).


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