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NGK Spark Plug Cap. 3 Variants Available

NGK Spark Plug Cap. 3 Variants Available

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NGK Spark Plug Cap

Resistor Covers May Be Required for Power Sport Applications When Spark Plugs Alone Don't Provide Sufficient Noise Suppression.

Designed to Reduce Electro Magnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference, Which can Interfere with Electronic Ignition Components, Causing Misfires and Poor Engine Performance.

  • Highly Durable Phenolic Resin and EPDM Rubber
  • Ceramic Resistors Ensure Optimum Performance and Reliability
  • Built to Withstand Extreme Heat and Vibration
  • Prevents Flashover
  • Ensures Optimal Service Life and Performance
  • 5k ohm Resistor
Part No:
LB05E 8031 90° Nipple Terminal, Colour Black
LB05F 8051 90° Screw Terminal, Colour Black
SB05F 8567 Straight Screw Terminal, Colour Red
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