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Snow Chains, 7 Sizes Available

Snow Chains | Full Car Covers in Carlisle Cumbria

Snow Chains, 7 Sizes Available

Stock Status: In Stock

Snow Chains


2 x 9mm Chains
Easy and fast mounting
Complete with storage box
TUV Approved

To select the correct Snow Chains find your tyre size in the list below

KN-60 Fits Tyre Size:
175x13, 640x13, 185/70x13, 195/65x13, 205/60x13, 165x14, 165/70x14, 175/70x14, 185/65x14,195/60x14, 200/65x340, 155x15, 560x15, 600x15, 185/55x15, 195/50x15, 180/65x365, 195/60x365

KN-70 Fits Tyre Size:
185x13, 185/80x13, 195/70x13, 205/65x13, 215/60x13, 175x14, 175/75x14, 175/80x14, 185/70x14, 195/65x14, 205/60x14, 650x14, 165x15, 165/80x15, 175/70x15,185/65x15, 195/55x15, 19560x15, 205/50x15, 195/50x16, 205/45x16, 215/40x16, 205/40/17

KN-80 Fits Tyre Size:
205/70x13, 185x14, 225/55x14, 215/60x14, 205/65x14, 195/70x14, 185/75x14, 185/80x14, 175x15, 225/50x15, 215/55x15, 205/60x15, 195/65x15, 205/65x15, 185/70x15, 175/75x15, 205/50x16, 165/70x16, 215/45x17, 205/50x17, 220/55x365, 210/65x365, 210/55x390, 20/60x390, 190/65x390

KN-90 Fits Tyre Size:
195x14, 195/70x14, 195/80x14, 205/70x14, 225/60x14, 215/65x14, 180x15, 185x15, 185/80x15, 195/65x15, 195/70x15, 205/65x15, 215/60x15, 225/50x15, 225/55x15, 175x16, 175/75x16, 195/60x16, 195/65x16, 205/55x16, 205/60x16, 215/50x16, 215/55x16, 225/45x16, 225/50x16, 220/55x390, 205/50x17, 215/45x17

KN-100 Fits Tyre Size:
205x14, 215/70x14, 195x15, 205/70x15, 215/65x15, 215/70x15, 225/60x15, 225/65x15, 230/60x15, 235/55x15, 215/60x16, 215/65x16, 225/55x16, 225/60x16, 235/50x16, 220/60x390, 240/55x390

KN-110 Fits Tyre Size:
215/70x15, 225/65x15, 235/60x15, 215/60x16, 235/55x16, 225/55x16, 235/45x17, 225/50x17, 245/40x17, 235/40x18, 235/40x475, 220/65x390

KN-130 Fits Tyre Size:
225/65x15, 225/60x15, 235/60x15, 235/70x15, 245/60x15, 225/55x16, 225/65x16, 235/60x16, 235/70x16, 245/55x16, 245/65x16, 255/40x16, 225/55x17, 235/55x17, 245/50x17, 245/55x17, 255/45x17, 265/40x17, 275/40x17, 235/45x18, 235/50x18, 235/55x18, 245/40x18, 245/45x18, 245/50x18, 255/40x18, 255/45x18, 265/35x18, 245/35x19, 245/40x19, 245/45x19, 255/35x19

Attention: Consult owners manual to see if chain can be used on your car
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