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Cooling System

Steel Seal Head Gasket & Cylinder Head Gasket Failures Fixed. Guaranteed! SSEAL

Steel Seal Head Gasket & Cylinder Head Gasket Failures Fixed. Guaranteed! SSEAL

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Steel Seal

How and why does Steel Seal work?
It is the only product of its kind that permanently seals blown head gaskets, warped heads and cracked engine blocks.

Steel Seal creates a permanent seal that will withstand high temperatures and high pressure. The product can be used in both petrol and diesel engines either Steel or Aluminium.

Steel Seal is poured into the radiator of a cold engine. Once the engine is started and reaches operating temperature, Steel Seal is distributed through the engine. The product is drawn into the damaged area due to the extra heat created and this in turn starts the process and seals the crack with a thermo-chemical bonding process.

Comparable products rely on fillers to do the repair work. But as pressures rise and fall, as in ignition and shut off, the particles lodged in cracks and leaks become loosened. Since their products' true strength is defined solely through consistent engine pressure, the consumer inevitably finds him / herself in the same original predicament that led them to an inferior quick fix.

Steel Seal is a unique blend of several chemicals. It is a clear formula that contains no fibrous materials or particles that could clog engine coolant passages. Steel Seal relies on science and chemistry for its strength.

Anti-freeze wil not compromise the seal. Whilst it can be used with any 'traditional' antifreeze for best results we recommend using a good quality 2 year (blue) ethylene glycol antifreeze.

The seal is permanent as the compound created has a similar molecular structure to that of a metal such as steel and will expand and contract with the temperatures created in an engine.

Regardless of the value of your vehicle, you now have a practical solution, at a fraction of the cost and time of major engine repair

Application guide:
Up to 2.0 Litre engines 1 bottle
2.0 to 4.0 Litre engines 2 bottles
Over 4.0 Litre engines 3 bottles
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